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Heather Hauck

The Office of Student Engagement, Affinity, and Inclusion (OSEAI) serves as a student hub for innovation and inclusion. OSEAI oversees student-led initiatives such as the Building Belong Fellows, P.A.C. Mentorship Program, and Student Leadership Council. OSEAI also provides support to a number of D’Amore-McKim student clubs and organizations. D’Amore-McKim seeks to empower and develop compassionate, inclusive, global leaders. OSEAI actively engages students, faculty, alumni, and corporate partners through thoughtful and innovative programs that promote inclusive cultures and meaningful conversations. Through its programming initiatives and student support, OSEAI strives to cultivate a culture of belonging where every student feels respected, valued, and heard. OSEAI is committed to leading with compassion, integrity, authenticity, and courage.

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