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Sam DeJohn is a Research/Communications Fellow and current lead on digital content/marketing efforts for The Burnes Center and its partner project, The GovLab. He coordinates content ranging from blogs to email and social media marketing, assists with event planning and administrative efforts, and regularly engages external media and partners on communications campaigns. On the research side, Sam applies his psychology background to research and experiment behavioral insights and nudges as they apply to innovation and civic participation in democracy. He was actively engaged in GovLab’s CrowdLaw efforts for which he has conducted thorough studies, interviews, and published materials on several efforts to engage the public in lawmaking such as Decide Madrid and vTaiwan. He was also part of the team that worked with the Madrid City Council designing and running experiments to test and improve the effectiveness of their citizen engagement platform. Sam writes on topics ranging from the benefits of data science skills among public officials, to the importance of data analysis in policymaking, and more. He often produces original or translated content for various projects including, but not limited to, The GovLab’s experiments with new models of public participation (Civic Challenges), crowdsourcing (Smarter Crowdsourcing), and public sector innovation in the legislative and judicial branches. He has been published as an author and contributor in Forbes, Public Sector Digest, and Governing Magazine.

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