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Course Description: Explores the ethical dimensions of design practice through design projects.This studio course addresses design problems with a focus on the concept of dignity as a central principle of human-centered design. Uses readings and in-class activities to study human value systems, dignity as a principle, and service design as a process of deliberation. Offers students an opportunity to practice applying these perspectives, models, and theories to create compelling design projects as well as to develop competencies in collective participation in community.

Course Info and Faculty Bio

Course Number: ARTG 5710

Department: Art – Design

CRN: 17417

Faculty Bio:

Dr. Don Robinaugh earned his doctorate at Harvard University in 2015, where he studied clinical psychology under the mentorship of Dr. Richard McNally. He completed post-doctoral training at the University of Amsterdam and served as an Assistant Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School before joining the faculty at Northeastern University as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology and the Department of Art + Design. His research is focused on better understanding the etiology of anxiety and traumatic stress disorders, with a particular focus on how these disorders may operate as complex systems. Through this work, he has seen how data visualization can play a critical role in shaping how we conceptualize psychological phenomena and is interested in how better data visualization practices can be used to strengthen scientific reasoning.

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