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Social Change Courses @ Northeastern

Interested in a social change course at Northeastern? Check out current course offerings at Search NEU and register at the Northeastern Student Hub.


The following is a partial list that will be regularly updated. Notice something missing? Let us know at [email protected]


Courses: Social Change @ Northeastern

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  • Architectural Design Studio – “Urban Housing”

    Course Number: ARCH 2140

    Department: Architecture (ARCH)

    Studies how to analyze, model, and intervene in the city. Offers students an opportunity to engage in urban analysis, urban massing strategies, and architectural design of urban institutions.

  • Audio Storytelling in a Changing Boston

    Course Number: JRNL 3305

    Department: Journalism (JRNL)

    Offers specialized topics in journalism for the twenty-first century. Topic matter changes each semester. May be repeated up to eight times.

  • Bedrooms and Battlefields: Hebrew Bible and the Origins of Sex, Gender, and Ethnicity

    Course Number: ENGL 3678

    Department: English (ENGL)

    Considers stories from Hebrew Scripture in English translation, beginning with the Garden of Eden through the Book of Ruth, asking how these foundational narratives establish the categories that have come to define our humanity. Analyzes how the Bible’s patterns of representation construct sexual and ethnic identities and naturalize ideas about such social institutions as “the family.” ENGL 3678, JWSS 3678, and WMNS 3678 are cross-listed.

  • Bioethics and the Law

    Course Number: LAW7494

    Department: Law (LAW)

    Explores the intersection of law, medicine, and ethics in diverse contexts that call for the evaluation of policies and practices implicating individual or public health. Topics may include but are not limited to end-of-life care, reproductive technologies, vaccines and the management of public health emergencies, professional and research ethics, confidentiality in health information, and equitable access to healthcare.

  • Black Feminist Studies

    Course Number: AFRS 2324/WMNS 2325

    Department: African American Studies (AFAM), Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WMNS)

    Invites students to study the history and contemporary landscape of Black feminist scholarship. Covers a range of disciplines and historical periods to introduce students to important texts and theoretical developments in this vast and interdisciplinary field.

  • Black Twitter and Black Digital Culture

    Course Number: COMM 3615

    Department: Communication Studies (COMM)

    Uses social and digital media to examine questions about contemporary topics and the histories that contribute to them. Black Twitter stands as a point of entry for this course as we address questions about culture and communication, applying what we learn to better understand the dynamics of race, media, and power in the internet age. Offers students an opportunity to develop their own media products to put their learning into real-world context.

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