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AI and Democracy’s First Principles with Professor Danielle Allen and A.C. Grayling

AI and Democracy’s First Principles with Professor Danielle Allen and A.C. Grayling

Feb 15

12:00 pm

Watch the full recording:

Join us on February 15 at 12 p.m. ET as renowned philosophers Danielle Allen and A.C. Grayling delve into the critical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on democracy. This distinguished dialogue will explore the nuanced ways AI can both support and challenge democratic values, ethical development, and citizen participation in democratic processes. Our speakers will tackle pressing issues, including ensuring AI’s transparency, accountability, and its equitable impact, as well as enhancing AI’s role in participatory democracy. With their unique perspectives, Allen and Grayling will offer philosophical insights coupled with pragmatic solutions, aiming to chart a course for leveraging AI to bolster democratic institutions and principles in an era of rising authoritarianism. This interactive session invites attendees to engage with the speakers, promising a dynamic exchange of ideas geared toward preparing us for a future where technology and democratic governance are seamlessly intertwined.
Danielle Allen is James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard University and director of the Allen Lab for Democracy Renovation at Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. Her most recent book is Justice by Means of Democracy.
A.C. Grayling CBE is the Principal of Northeastern University London, and its Professor of Philosophy. He has written and edited over thirty books on philosophy, including the forthcoming Who Owns the Moon?: In Defence of Humanity’s Common Interests in Space.

“AI and Democracy’s First Principles” continues the Rebooting Democracy in the Age of AI Lecture Series, hosted by Beth Simone Noveck, which talks with innovative designers, thinkers, and changemakers working to “do democracy” differently in the age of artificial intelligence. Conversations explore how machine learning, natural language processing and generative AI can enable more participatory and inclusive ways of solving problems. Through online and in-person conversations with pioneers working to democratize power in governments, schools and workplaces,  conversations aim to address how to use new technologies to strengthen democracy.To learn more about the series and read our blog on AI, democracy and governance, visit: series is hosted by the Burnes Center for Social Change and the GovLab, in partnership with the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University. 

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