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Our Team

About our director

Beth Simone Noveck is the director at the Burnes Center for Social Change and a professor with joint appointments in Northeastern’s School of Law; the College of Social Science and Humanities; the College of Arts, Media and Design; and the College of Engineering. She also oversees a partner project, the Governance Lab.

Previously, Noveck served in the White House as the first United States deputy chief technology officer and director of the White House Open Government Initiative under President Barack Obama. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron appointed her senior advisor for open government and Chancellor Angela Merkel appointed her to her Digital Council. She also currently serves as New Jersey’s first chief innovation officer.

For more about her publications and activities, read Beth’s full bio.

  • Jill Abramson

    Professor and Distinguished Senior Fellow
  • Alexandra Anderson

    Communications Intern
  • Sofía Bosch Gómez

    Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Dinorah Cantú-Pedraza

    Senior Fellow
  • Kate Cummings

    Research Fellow
  • Fred DeJohn

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Anna Deng

    Assistant Designer
  • Anirudh Dinesh

    Research Fellow
  • Laura Forlano

    Professor and Distinguished Senior Fellow
  • Dane Gambrell

    Research Fellow
  • Caleb Gayle

    Professor and Senior Fellow
  • Henri Hammond-Paul

    Research Fellow
  • Seth Harris

    Professor and Senior Fellow
  • Hannah Hetzer

    Research Fellow
  • Neil Kleiman

    Professor and Senior Fellow
  • Orna Madigan

    Graduate Research Assistant
  • Anita McGahan

    Professor and Senior Fellow
  • Jonathan Metzl

    Professor and Senior Fellow
  • Jessica Silverman

    Communications Assistant

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