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Ai4impact co-op | Fall 2023- Spring 2024 project


AI-EP uses generative AI to translate and summarize a family’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).


IEPs play a crucial role in providing tailored educational support to students with disabilities. However, comprehending and navigating these complex documents, which often run to 50-75 pages of complex English, can be challenging. Using generative AI powered tools, Innovate Public Schools aims to help parents: translate, simplify and summarize IEPs easily, thus improving families’ engagement and participation in their child’s education. It streamlines the process by facilitating better communication and quicker access to educational resources, directly benefiting students on IEPs

Impact and Implementation: The fully functional tool is being tested by Innovate Public School’s parent community in California.

Innovate Public Schools – Innovate Public Schools is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building the capacity of parents and families to organize, advocate, and demand high quality schools for their children.


  • Brendan Brady
  • Christopher Brooks
  • Ananda Francis
  • Jalon Fowler
  • Valerie Jap
  • Manav Sheth
  • Hongkang Xu
  • Mentor, Prof. Fahad Dogar and Prof. Sofia Bosch Gomez

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