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Our Team

Dane Gambrell

Research Fellow

Dane Gambrell is a Research Fellow at Burnes Center for Social Change and The GovLab. He supports the organization’s projects related to collective intelligence, public participation in lawmaking (“CrowdLaw”), and Smarter Crowdsourcing. His research touches upon a number of policy areas including labor and workforce development, tech and social media, continuity of Congress, and education. As a researcher at The GovLab, he collaborated on projects with the International Labour Organization, the Walton Family Foundation, and Nesta, among other partners. Dane has been quoted in The Guardian and his writing has been published by The Hill, New Jersey’s Future of Work Task Force, Apolitical, and the American Geographical Society. He is a summa cum laude graduate of New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Urban Environments.

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