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A Healthier Democracy

Leveraging AI to drive civic engagement and economic opportunity


A Healthier Democracy AI is a transformative collaboration aimed at revolutionizing civic engagement and closing the gap in voter participation and federal program use within the United States’ low-income communities. This initiative is a partnership between A Healthier Democracy (and its two key programs Vot-ER and Link Health) and the Burnes Center for Social Change and its AI for Impact initiative at Northeastern University.

Our Goal?

To engage over 1 million low-income Americans by Election Day 2028, ensuring they have access to vital federal cash assistance programs and encouraging 500,000 infrequent or first time voters to cast their ballot.

The Challenge

Voter Participation Gap
With over 72 million eligible but unregistered voters, many from marginalized communities, there’s a profound disengagement from the democratic process.

Underutilization of Federal Programs
Annually, more than $80 billion in benefits go unclaimed, exacerbating socioeconomic disparities for families across the country.

Our Approach & Impact

We are at the forefront of integrating healthcare and civic engagement, using trusted relationships, combined with AI, to increase access to federal benefits and to the ballot box. This innovative strategy leverages trusted healthcare environments to:

  • Streamline Federal Benefits: Partnering with health centers via Link Health for seamless access to underutilized federal benefits.
  • Expand Voter Registration: Through Vot-ER, leveraging our pre-existing network of over 700 partnering hospitals and clinical sites.
  • Deploy AI for Efficiency: Making enrollment processes more accessible and effective.

Why This Matters

We’re harnessing technology and the trusted relationship between healthcare providers and patients to not only ensure those most in need receive vital federal assistance but then using that as an entry point to tackle the voter participation gap. Northeastern University’s commitment to technological innovation through its AI4Impact Program highlights the potential of cutting-edge solutions in addressing real-world challenges.

Impact Goals (Next 3-5 Years)

1 Million

Engage 1 Million Low-Income Americans: Offering access to federal cash assistance in waiting rooms of partnering healthcare sites.

$100 Million

Enable $100 Million in Federal Assistance: Alleviating financial burdens and improving community well-being.


Expand the Electorate by Including Traditionally Marginalized Voters: We aim to help 500,000 low-income Americans participate in elections.


National Rollout: Extend the AI-assisted benefit enrollment program to 700+ sites across the country.

Program Highlights

A pioneering initiative making voter registration accessible in healthcare settings, targeting communities of color and young voters.

Link Health
Enrolls patients in federal benefits during healthcare visits, ensuring a seamless transition to voter registration and engagement

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