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Our Team

Ben Ruxin

Research Fellow

Ben serves as Chief Operating Officer of A Healthier Democracy, a nonprofit healthcare organizing incubator founded by Dr. Alister Martin, which leverages healthcare workers and healthcare settings as a place to build programs and movements that serve the needs of vulnerable patients.

Ben is a leader at the intersection of social impact and business. Prior to joining A Healthier Democracy full-time, he served on the board and was actively involved in the organization for four years. Ben spent 6 years at Boston Consulting Group, where he served primarily public sector and nonprofit clients, including multiple state governments. Ben also spent a year as acting General Manager for Podcasts at American Public Media. Ben received his MBA in 2021 from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Ben currently serves on the board of People Serving People, Hennepin County’s largest family shelter. Originally from Lexington, MA, he lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife, Tally, and their 1 year old son, Torin.

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