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AI for Participatory Planning

AI for Participatory Planning

Apr 11

5:00 pm6:30 pm

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Rebooting Democracy in the Age of AI: AI for Participatory Planning

Join the Burnes Center for Social Change at Northeastern University and the Northeastern University School of Architecture on April 11 at 5 p.m. ET for a conversation about the role of artificial intelligence in participatory planning with with Damiano Cerrone and Liza Gazeeva, moderated by H. Killion Mokwete.

UrbanistAI is a generative AI platform to reimagine the future of our cities. It operates at the intersection of artificial intelligence and public participation, offering cities a method to harness collective intelligence for planning and policy design. This talk will detail how cities, planners and NGOs are extending the reach and depth of public engagement, providing citizens with the means to more clearly articulate and visualize their ideas and needs. In doing so, we enable local governments to weave these disparate threads of public input into cohesive policy agendas. The focus will be on how practitioners and policymakers can adopt such tools to refine their planning processes, thereby facilitating more effective and context-sensitive governance.

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“AI for Participatory Planning” continues the Rebooting Democracy in the Age of AI Lecture Series, hosted by Beth Simone Noveck, which talks with innovative designers, thinkers, and changemakers working to “do democracy” differently in the age of artificial intelligence. Conversations explore how machine learning, natural language processing and generative AI can enable more participatory and inclusive ways of solving problems. Through online and in-person conversations with pioneers working to democratize power in governments, schools and workplaces, conversations aim to address how to use new technologies to strengthen democracy.To learn more about the series and read our blog on AI, democracy and governance, visit: The series is hosted by the Burnes Center for Social Change and the GovLab, in partnership with the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University.

Damiano Cerrone is Cofounder of UrbanistAI, a GenAI platform to reimagine the future of our cities; and SPIN Unit an urban research and innovation practice. Affiliated research at Tampere University enabling multispecies transitions of cities and regions. As consultant, developing strategies for transformative governance.

H. Killion Mokwete teaches design studios across undergraduate and graduate thesis research. His teaching leverages community-based learning approaches through engaging with local communities both in Boston and internationally where his professional practice and research lies. His studios have travelled and engaged with community partners in Haiti, and locally his students continue to partner with neighboring community groups in Roxbury, Dorchester, East Boston and Lynn. He has previously taught place-based studios at Mass Art and community practice studios at the Boston Architectural College (BAC).

Liza Gazeeva is a Boston-based UX/UI designer and illustrator. She is a cofounder of Toretei, an Italian high-tech company, which develops AI-powered design software solutions, and offers consulting services to help other companies integrate generative AI technologies into their design processes. Liza Gazeeva is one of the authors of UrbanistAI, a generative AI platform for participatory planning and co-design. In her work, she explores how AI can transform and augment design processes and creativity. She designs intuitive, fully customized AI-based interactive tools and platforms.

To learn more about the series and read our blog on AI, democracy and governance, visit:

The series is hosted by the Burnes Center for Social Change and the GovLab, in partnership with the Institute for Experiential AI at Northeastern University.

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