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AI and the Future of Lawmaking

AI and the Future of Lawmaking

Mar 21

5:00 pm

Watch the full recording:

Rebooting Democracy in the Age of AI Lecture Series presents “AI and the Future of Lawmaking” with guest lecturer Marci Harris.

Join the Burnes Center for Social Change on March 21 at 5 p.m. ET for a discussion with Marci Harris, founder and CEO of and the Executive Director of the nonprofit POPVOX Foundation, moderated by Professor and Burnes Center Director Beth Simone Noveck. 

“AI and the Future of Lawmaking” continues the Burnes Center’s Rebooting Democracy in the Age of AI lecture series, and will include discussion of POPVOX Foundation’s recent report “Representative Bodies in the AI Era – Insights for Legislatures” which provides US Congress and legislatures around the world guidance on adopting AI to modernize their internal operations and address the “pacing problem,” a term coined to describe the lag between technological advancements and the development of laws and regulations governing them. 

Harris is passionate about the responsible use of technology to improve government and benefit humanity. She is a lawyer and former congressional staffer, who worked on the House Ways and Means committee’s Affordable Care Act team. She has held fellowships with Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democracy and the New America Foundation, and is currently an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco and a political science lecturer at San Jose State University.

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