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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of the Hon. Nonnie S. Burnes ’77–’78

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of the Hon. Nonnie S. Burnes ’77–’78

Oct 20

5:30 pm8:00 pm

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of the Hon. Nonnie S. Burnes ’77–’78

From the bar to the bench, from heading the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, to providing scores of Northeastern Law students with support through the Public Interest Law Scholarship, and establishing the Burnes Center for Social Change, the Honorable Nonnie Burnes ’77-’78 was a trailblazer, role model, and leader. Nonnie cared about fairness, real world change, social justice, and opportunity and this event will focus on these themes. The speakers who knew Nonnie well will discuss how her values are moving Northeastern and many communities forward and the ways they will continue to influence the future.

To honor the 45 years since Nonnie graduated from Northeastern Law, and the countless lives she’s changed since then, please join us to celebrate her philanthropy and impact at the School of Law, Northeastern University, the community as well as her quest for social justice and her passion for public service. As Nonnie’s friend, Elyse Cherry ’83, chief executive officer at Blue HubCapital has said, “Nonnie was completely devoted to the idea that one lives one’s values. Those terrific values and the ability to be empathetic and compassionate, combined with a wonderful intellect and a strategic mind, helped her in moving so many things forward.”

We will hear about Nonnie’s time as a Massachusetts Superior Court judge, her devotion to Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights (she served as interim president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts) and her commitment the Public Interest Law Scholarship as well as voting rights (one of her final major projects was a comprehensive conference at Northeastern Law on voting rights). We’ll also hear about the Burnes Center for Social Change at Northeastern University, founded by Nonnie and her husband, Richard, shortly before her death in 2021.

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