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InnovateUS: How to Be a Responsible AI Evangelist for Your State


InnovateUS: How to Be a Responsible AI Evangelist for Your State


Join us for a 90-minute workshop with Christopher Rein, New Jersey’s Chief Technology Officer. New Jersey recently established a State Artificial Intelligence Task Force to explore the potential impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on society and to issue recommendations on government actions that can encourage the ethical use of AI technologies. New Jersey will be looking at ways that AI can help to stimulate economic growth, help employment and workforce development including training programs, aid in research for educational institutions, and improve the delivery of government services. This training will cover ways in which the public sector can embrace artificial intelligence, while being mindful of the risks associated with these new technologies. Chris will discuss the potential for AI to be transformative across public and private sectors, while ensuring that the State’s use of AI is fair, accessible, and beneficial to residents, and special attention is being paid to security, data privacy, and bias prevention.

December 20, 2023, 2:00 PM ET


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