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InnovateUS: Industry Series: Using AI for Intelligent Document Processing


InnovateUS: Industry Series: Using AI for Intelligent Document Processing


In this 60-minute session, Sergio Ortega, Worldwide Public Sector Lead in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services, will provide information about how participants can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to address managing complex documents such as insurance claims, healthcare claims, benefits claims and contracts. Documents come in various file types, varied formats, and contain valuable information. In most cases, people manually process the documents, which is time-consuming, prone to error, and costly. Intelligent Document Processing is an AI-enabled solution that allows you to automate the classification, data extraction, and identity recognition of data and can do complex queries on one or millions of documents at a time.

This workshop is part of InnovateUS’s new “Artificial Intelligence Industry Series”, where speakers from leading technology companies will teach participants how to use specific artificial intelligence tools. We do not promote or endorse any particular products, but we want to offer our audience a chance to learn more about using specific upcoming tools for their everyday work. 


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