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Our Team

Ria Singh

InnovateMA Co-Op


Ria Singh, an ambitious undergraduate at Northeastern University, is currently immersed in her pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence, and a minor in Computer Engineering. Committed to the intersection of technology and positive societal impact, Ria is set to take on the role of Generative AI Product Development Co-op at the Burnes Center for Social Change, where she aims to apply her skills in creating intelligent systems that can bring about meaningful change in struggling communities.

Throughout her academic journey, Ria has showcased her prowess through notable projects, such as an ASL to English AI transcriber and a website for a prominent campus product development club. Simultaneously, she has demonstrated her leadership skills as the Programming Chair of Northeastern’s Indian Cultural Association. Looking ahead, Ria envisions pursuing a Masters in Artificial Intelligence, driven by a passion to further contribute to the evolving landscape of intelligent systems and make a lasting impact in the field.

Ria is working on the MBTA Info Hub project.

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