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Building global communities for social change and impact.

The Burnes Center offers opportunities for audiences around the globe to come together to advance social change and impact.


Current Projects: Convenings

  • Annual Summit

    Convening a cross-sectoral audience to explore questions of public problem solving and build new collaborations, with the first summit focused on the role of experiential learning in social change.

  • Nonnie Burnes Conversations Series

    Curating public talks with social innovators and changemakers and book events with contemporary scholars from around the globe to share experience and research in social change and impact.

  • Social Change @ NU Workshops

    Hosting interactive, online “brown bag” discussions about social change and impact initiatives across Northeastern.

  • Student Activism Programs

    Supporting student-led activism through funding and programming to help develop public problem-solving and social change activities across Northeastern campuses and cities.

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