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Modernizing Unemployment Benefits: A Hands-On Workshop for States


Modernizing Unemployment Benefits: A Hands-On Workshop for States

Sep 20

2:00 pm


With the reduction in federal funding for unemployment modernization, it is more important than ever for states to adopt more cost-effective and agile ways of providing unemployment benefits. In this 90 minute virtual training with leaders from the New Jersey Office of Unemployment Modernization and the New Jersey Office of Innovation, participants learn how New Jersey moved to an agile, human-centered approach to improving benefits, resulting in 48 minutes saved per application and an increased percentage of unemployed workers who successfully receive benefits. Participants will learn about the state’s approach to making short and long term modifications that enhanced performance and helped the state continue to deliver improvement despite exploding numbers of unemployment insurance applications during COVID-19. Join us for this interactive how-to design session designed for public officials looking to improve their unemployment or other benefit systems.

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