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Sara Colombo (formerly research scientist at NU/CAMD Center for Design, currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology); Professor Paolo Ciuccarelli (founding director, NU/CAMD Center for Design)

Design for Emergency is an initiative developed by NU/CAMD Center for Design to respond to COVID19. ItÕs an open design platform to catalyze and activate design forces to react to current and future emergencies. ItÕs based on a four-step cycle that moves from listening and understanding (1,2) to design ideation (3) and solutions development and implementation (4). It gathered more than 30 international partners from 12 countries and 20+ organizations so far, from universities to research centers and design agencies. With some of the proposed solutions already made available as products and services, DfE candidates to become a concrete resource for enabling change and increasing societal resilience.

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