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Martha Davis, Carlos Cuevas, Danielle Crookes, Elizabeth Ennen, Amy Farrell, Jennifer Huer, Tiffany Joseph, Alisa Lincoln, Wendy Parmet, Rachel Rosenbloom and Carmel Salhi

The Partnership for Immigrants’ Rights (Partnership) aims to protect and promote the human rights of immigrants in Massachusetts. The Partnership pursues its goals by bringing together immigration advocates, interdisciplinary academics, and immigrants for collaborative work on the pressing issues facing immigrant communities, including access to justice, community safety, public health, and racial justice. Partnership members work together (1) to generate community-informed and advocacy-driven research, and (2) to deploy the results of this research in the development and implementation of tools for change, including advocacy strategies, policy proposals, communications plans, legal interventions, and public education campaigns. The Partnership’s work focuses on Massachusetts but provides important insights for research and advocacy in the United States and beyond.

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