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Ai4impact co-op | Fall 2023 project


PolicySynth uses AI to make it easier to create well-researched online engagements. This national engagement asks families to identify why we are struggling to teach kids to read in the United States.


PolicySynth is an AI-enabled toolkit for participatory problem solving. Working with Citizens Foundation, our team built out the tools and the content needed to run a national conversation on the root causes of low literacy in the United States, where only 33% of fourth graders can read at grade level. These reusable tools made it possible to create well-researched content using AI agents.

Impact and Implementation: The toolkit is fully functional and in use at

Client/Partner: Museum of Science, Citizens Foundation


  • Sarah Abeywardena
  • Oliver Breese
  • Sarah Moyer
  • Krithika Natarajan
  • Max Pinheiro
  • Ayush Pissurlenkar
  • Sanjit Reddy
  • Mentor: Dane Gambrell, Robert Bjarnasson

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