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Course Description: Explores the public policy dimensions of the contemporary food system. Utilizes scholarly readings and case studies to assess the role of governing institutions and political actors in shaping the food supply; the effects of energy, transportation, and urban policies on food access; the ecological dimensions of food production; impacts of international trade regimes on global food trade; and the potential impacts of climate change on food security. Compares the United States and other nations and explores alternatives to the dominant food system. Seeks to engage students in applied policy analysis of specific food system issues.

Course Info and Faculty Bio

Course Number: PPUA 5270

Department: Public Policy and Urban Affairs (PPUA)

CRN: 17246

Faculty Bio: Christopher Bosso is professor of public policy and politics at Northeastern University, Boston. His areas of research and teaching are in food and environmental policy. Recent books include Framing the Farm Bill: Interests, Ideology, and the Agricultural Act of 2014 (University Press of Kansas, 2017) and, as editor, Feeding Cities: Improving Local Food Access, Sustainability, and Resilience (Routledge, 2017). His 2005 book, Environment, Inc.: From Grassroots to Beltway (University Press of Kansas) received the 2006 Caldwell Award for best book in environmental policy and politics from the American Political Science Association. His newest book, Why SNAP Works: A Political History — and Defense — of the Food Stamp Program (University of California Press) comes out in October 2023.

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