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Social Change Courses @ Northeastern

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The following is a partial list that will be regularly updated. Notice something missing? Let us know at [email protected]


Courses: Social Change @ Northeastern

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  • Indigenous Rights and the Law

    Course Number: LAW 7686

    Department: Law (LAW)

    Examines the impacts that court decisions have historically had on relationships between indigenous peoples and their lands and identity, with a focus on the Indian tribes in the present-day United States, as well as a few international examples for the purpose of discussion and comparison. Analyzes how legal institutions have impacted indigenous peoples’ ability to retain or reassert the right to self-determination and to regulate their relationships with homelands and resources. Discusses where this has been problematic and how the law or legal institutions can be used as a tool to redress or reverse trends of dispossession and cultural assimilation.

  • Information Design Principles

    Course Number: ARTG 3451

    Department: Art – Design (ARTG)

    Introduces basic concepts, methods, and procedures of information design with a focus on mapping information. Students investigate visual systems and information structures such as maps, graphs, charts, and diagrams. Emphasizes the creative process of organizing, visualizing, and communicating data by making complex information easier to understand and use.

  • International Conflict and Negotiation

    Course Number: INTL 3400

    Department: International Affairs (INTL)

    Offers an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing international conflict and negotiations: how conflicts evolve, are managed, and/or resolved. In dealing with different types of regional and international conflicts, students focus on historical, ethnic, religious, geographic, and political aspects of a variety of conflicts and the consequences these conflicts hold for regional and international actors.

  • International Law

    Course Number: INTL 3406

    Department: International Affairs (INTL)

    Introduces international law and how it redefines and shapes world politics. Offers students an opportunity to learn about the cornerstones of this area of the law: the state, organizations and their legal personality, diplomatic relations, treaties, extraterritorial jurisdiction, extradition, human rights and humanitarian law, the law of the sea trade/economic law, and international criminal law with a focus on the world courts. Considers the degree to which international law is pervasive in the life of individuals and states alike.

  • Intro to Trans Studies

    Course Number: WMNS/HIST 1105

    Department: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WMNS), History (HIST)

    Introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of transgender studies by focusing on the emergence of the field, key concepts, and pivotal debates.

  • Introduction to Social Justice in Educational Settings

    Course Number: EDU 6051

    Department: Education – CPS (EDU)

    Introduces the concepts of social justice, especially as they relate to educational access. Explores educational institutions as systems and questions how individuals can be agents of change in teaching, learning, curriculum, and administration. Offers students an opportunity to engage in reflective discussion and begin to explore their own feelings and experiences with social justice and development of cultural intelligence to prepare them to influence and advocate for systemic change.

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