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Social Change Courses @ Northeastern

Northeastern is a leader in experiential teaching, scholarship and activism that advance the solving of real-world problems. The following is a list of Spring 2023 courses that address social change and social justice.

For information about course requirements, please contact the college. Click on “filter” to sort by college or topic. For more about institutes and centers that address public problem solving, click here. To register for one of these courses, please visit the Northeastern Student Hub.


The following is a partial list that will be regularly updated. Notice something missing? Let us know at [email protected]


Courses: Social Change @ Northeastern

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  • Special Topics in Digital Humanities: Where Does Data Come From?

    Course Number: ENGL 7380

    Department: English (ENGL)

    Explores specific analytical techniques such as mapping, computational text analysis, or network analysis; a particular methodological tradition such as digital scholarly editing; the history of a particular debate, research problem, or theoretical orientation such as intersectional feminism; or the intersection of digital humanities and another domain such as writing studies. Offers students an opportunity to develop more specialized skills and methods that support advanced research and teaching in digital humanities.

  • Special Topics in Race & the Law

    Course Number: AFAM 5001

    Department: African American Studies (AFAM)

    Explores the various questions, relationships, and connections between the law and racial issues and concepts. Each offering focuses on a special topic such as reparations, civil rights, gender, or the environment and energy policies. May be repeated up to three times for a maximum of 16 credits.

  • Special Topics/Givelber: Topic TBD

    Course Number: LAW7983

    Department: Law (LAW)

    Covers special topics in law. May be repeated without limit.

  • Stress, Resilience and Behavioral Change

    Course Number: PSY 2230

    Department: Psychology – CPS (PSY)

    Offers a research-experiential approach to understanding the benefits and negative consequences of stress and its effects on human behavior and physiology. Discusses the work of researchers and practitioners in stress response. Topics include the relation of stress to health, communication, relationships, and academic and work performance. Examines the behavioral strategies associated with leveraging the stress response in personal and professional arenas. Considers perspectives of resilience, coping, and behavioral change from various social and cultural standpoints.

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

    Course Number: SCHM 3330

    Department: Supply Chain Management (SCHM)

    Focuses on how to create sustainable supply chains that profitably yield high-quality, safe products without supply interruption while creating a net benefit for the employees, community, and the environment. Studies how companies measure environmental performance and use the data to motivate associates, suppliers, customers, policymakers, and the public. Also addresses the impacts of global sustainability frameworks and measures.

  • The Immigrant Experience

    Course Number: SOCL 3407

    Department: Sociology (SOCL)

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