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Social Change Courses @ Northeastern

Northeastern is a leader in experiential teaching, scholarship and activism that advance the solving of real-world problems. The following is a list of Spring 2023 courses that address social change and social justice.

For information about course requirements, please contact the college. Click on “filter” to sort by college or topic. For more about institutes and centers that address public problem solving, click here. To register for one of these courses, please visit the Northeastern Student Hub.


The following is a partial list that will be regularly updated. Notice something missing? Let us know at [email protected]


Courses: Social Change @ Northeastern

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  • Design and Mental Health

    Course Number: ARTG 5000

    Department: Art – Design (ARTG)

  • Design for Dignity

    Course Number: ARTG 5710

    Department: Art – Design (ARTG)

    Explores the ethical dimensions of design practice through design projects.This studio course addresses design problems with a focus on the concept of dignity as a central principle of human-centered design. Uses readings and in-class activities to study human value systems, dignity as a principle, and service design as a process of deliberation. Offers students an opportunity to practice applying these perspectives, models, and theories to create compelling design projects as well as to develop competencies in collective participation in community.

  • Design Perspectives: An Introduction to Design in the World

    Course Number: ARTG 1001

    Department: Art – Design (ARTG)

    Introduces students to a range of perspectives and points of view on design as a human activity. Explores a mix of theories, principles, practices, and histories that constitute various understandings of design across cultures. Through illustrative case studies, examines impacts, influences, accomplishments, consequences, possibilities, and limits of design in the world. Investigates what it means to develop a personal design practice.

  • Design Tactics and Operations – “Contemporary Urban Design Practices for Social Change”

    Course Number: ARCH 5310

    Department: Architecture (ARCH)

    Encourages students to develop the connections between critical attitudes and techniques in design, through important historical texts. Offers a kind of “great books” approach to the integration of design and history, introducing the writings and seminal designs of Alberti, Palladio, Wright, Le Corbusier, Semper, Sitte, Rowe, Colquhoun, Moneo, Koolhaas, Rossi, Frampton, Venturi and Scott Brown, Scarpa, and Lynch.

  • Designing Systems for Justice and Equity

    Course Number: EDU 7311

    Department: Education – CPS (EDU)

    Provides an overview of transformative educational models that center justice and equity across a diverse range of learning contexts. Education leaders across contexts must be innovators, capable of facilitating the generation and advancement of new ideas and strategic initiatives to promote greater learning and greater equity. Offers students an opportunity to engage with current and emerging theories and practices related to designing and transforming educational systems that are grounded in equity and justice.

  • Digital Feminisms

    Course Number: WMNS/MSCR 2505

    Department: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WMNS)/ Media and Screen Studies (MSCR)

    Explores the unique ways that feminist activism and theory are impacted by the increasing digital nature of our world. From hashtags to Tumblr, feminists are using digital tools and platforms to aid in the pursuit of social justice. Offers students an opportunity to develop a timeline that traces feminists’ engagement with the Internet, new media, and technological innovations from the late seventies to the present. Examines the strengths and challenges that the digital world creates for feminist engagement. MSCR 2505 and WMNS 2505 are cross-listed.

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