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Social Change @ Northeastern

The Burnes Center builds on the many social impact projects taking place across Northeastern’s colleges and schools.

The Burnes Center is but one of many innovative and bold projects to promote social change and social justice across the University. We want to celebrate the broad range of social impact initiatives at Northeastern seeking to improve people’s lives.


The following is a partial list that will be regularly updated. If your work is not on this list already, we would love to include it. Please share your information by emailing us and we will be in touch with you.


Current Projects: Social Change @ Northeastern

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  • Program on the Corporation, Law and Global Society

    Dan Danielsen

    The Program on the Corporation, Law and Global Society fosters interdisciplinary research and discussion among scholars, policymakers and advocates to examine the corporation as an institutional form with social significance akin to the state, the family or the city.

  • Public Health Advocacy Institute

    Mark Gottlieb, J.D.

    The Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) is a legal research center focused on public health law at Northeastern University School of Law. PHAI’s goal is to support and enhance a commitment to public health in individuals and institutes who shape public policy through law. We are committed to research in public health law, public health policy development; to legal technical assistance; and to collaborative work at the intersection of law and public health. Our current areas of work include tobacco control and childhood obesity.


    Elizabeth Bucar

    Sacred Writes provides support, resources, and networks for scholars of religion committed to translating the significance of their research to a broader audience. Sacred Writes hosts trainings for scholars, creates and funds partnerships between scholars and media outlets, and convenes meetings to discuss best practices for public scholarship.

  • Social Enterprise Institute

    Dennis Shaughnessy

    SEI is Northeastern University’s hub for social entrepreneurship, housed in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Rooted in the study of sustainable, enterprise-based solutions to global poverty, SEI aims to educate social business leaders through coursework, cooperative education, international field studies, on-campus student organizations, and service-learning programs.

  • Social Impact Lab

    Rebecca Riccio

    The Social Impact Lab develops experiential learning models to support our mission of preparing students for lives of purpose as ethical and effective citizen-leaders and social change agents.

  • Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute (with Bouve)

    Phil Brown

    The Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute addresses environmental health concerns through interdisciplinary and collaborative work. SSEHRI works on the following areas: creating collaborations between life scientists and social scientists; integrating comprehensive doctoral training in environmental sociology with the sociology and anthropology department; networking environmental health communities with faculty and students for research and internships; expanding biomonitoring and air/dust monitoring, including innovative methods of reporting data to participants; developing, applying, and studying the use of low-cost tools for community-based environmental monitoring; and serving as a campus-wide resource for environmental health.

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