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Social Change @ Northeastern

The Burnes Center builds on the many social impact projects taking place across Northeastern’s colleges and schools.

The Burnes Center is but one of many innovative and bold projects to promote social change and social justice across the University. We want to celebrate the broad range of social impact initiatives at Northeastern seeking to improve people’s lives.


The following is a partial list that will be regularly updated. If your work is not on this list already, we would love to include it. Please share your information by emailing us and we will be in touch with you.


Current Projects: Social Change @ Northeastern

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  • NuLawLab

    Martha F. Davis

    The NuLawLab is the interdisciplinary innovation laboratory at Northeastern University School of Law. We are leaders in the emerging global Legal Design movement. Our programs, projects, seminars, and research allow us to build cross-disciplinary teams and community-based partnerships focused on transforming legal education, the legal profession, and the delivery of legal services. We do this work at the leading public interest law school in order to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to be the legal inventors of the future.

  • Office of Student Engagement, Affinitiy, and Inclusion

    Heather Hauck

    The Office of Student Engagement, Affinity, and Inclusion (OSEAI) serves as a student hub for innovation and inclusion. OSEAI oversees student-led initiatives such as the Building Belong Fellows, P.A.C. Mentorship Program, and Student Leadership Council. OSEAI also provides support to a number of D’Amore-McKim student clubs and organizations. D’Amore-McKim seeks to empower and develop compassionate, inclusive, global leaders. OSEAI actively engages students, faculty, alumni, and corporate partners through thoughtful and innovative programs that promote inclusive cultures and meaningful conversations. Through its programming initiatives and student support, OSEAI strives to cultivate a culture of belonging where every student feels respected, valued, and heard. OSEAI is committed to leading with compassion, integrity, authenticity, and courage.

  • Open Classroom (within SPPUA)

    Ted Landsmark

    The Open Classroom semester-long seminar series seeks to invite diverse audiences to converge around a central theme and generate conversation about current topics relevant to our local and national communities.

  • Pandemic Teaching Initiative

    Lori Lefkovitz and Ron Sandler

    The Pandemic Teaching Initiative is a library of publicly accessible educational modules that explore the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The modules, which contain the equivalent of a week’s content for an academic course, explore topics related to the pandemic in fields ranging from economics and political science to literature and philosophy.

  • Peer Health Exchange

    [email protected]

    Peer Health Exchange selectively recruits and rigorously trains college student volunteers to be health educators in the classroom. As slightly older peers, Peer Health Exchange’s health educators are well-positioned to lead honest conversations about high school students’ choices and health.

  • Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy

    Professors Brook Baker, Martha Davis, Lucy Williams and Margaret Woo

    The Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) at Northeastern University School of Law was founded in 2005. The mission is threefold: 1) To promote human rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights, within the Northeastern community; 2) To support cutting-edge scholarship on human rights with a particular focus on economic, social, and cultural rights; 3) To work to implement human rights norms and sound economic development approaches worldwide.

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