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Social Change @ Northeastern

The Burnes Center builds on the many social impact projects taking place across Northeastern’s colleges and schools.

The Burnes Center is but one of many innovative and bold projects to promote social change and social justice across the University. We want to celebrate the broad range of social impact initiatives at Northeastern seeking to improve people’s lives.


The following is a partial list that will be regularly updated. If your work is not on this list already, we would love to include it. Please share your information by emailing us and we will be in touch with you.


Current Projects: Social Change @ Northeastern

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  • Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research

    Alisa Lincoln

    The mission of this institute is to generate scientific knowledge needed to promote health equity and social justice, and reduce disparities in health, mental health, and well-being.

  • Institute on Race and Justice

    Jack McDevitt

    The Institute on Race and Justice brings together experts from across the University to examine questions on race and justice facing urban communities.

  • Lab for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

    Francesca Grippa (Director), Youngbok Ryu, Carl Zangerl, Mikhail Oet.

    Through a Fellowship Program, Managerial Assistance and Mentoring opportunities, the Lab provides small diverse businesses in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island with tools and solutions they can take back to their organizations and communities and use in their day-to-day activity to improve their business operations, transform their business models, increase their market reach or tackle other business-related challenges. A major focus is on entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Diverse businesses have the opportunity to tap into Northeastern University’s entrepreneurial ecosystems of centers, institutes, and start-up labs.

  • Lowell Institute School

    Liz Zulick

    Focused on employability and career advancement, the Lowell Institute School prepares adult learners for the STEM employment opportunities with up-to-the-minute capabilities and training to be successful in growing job markets. All of our programs are offered at night or online, catered to working adults. By providing first-in-class support and curriculum to our diverse learners, our goal is to increase enrollment, retention and graduation rates of domestic STEM learners within New England, and across the Northeastern network.

  • Major League Baseball

    Molly Smith

    Major League Baseball has partnered with Northeastern University to be MLB’s preferred education provider. “Major League Baseball has long understood the importance of player development, both on and off the field,” said Paul Mifsud, MLB’s vice president and deputy general counsel for labor relations and player programs. “MLB’s agreement with Northeastern University will provide players with a variety of world-class options to continue their personal and professional development.””

  • Media Advocacy Program @ CAMD/School of Law

    Associate Professor John Wihbey, Assistant Professor Myo Chung, Professor Jeremy Paul (Law); contact: [email protected]

    Created through a collaboration between Northeastern University’s School of Journalism and School of Law, the Media Advocacy Program combines foundations in governmental structures and the legal system with sophisticated training in the latest communications techniques. We study and practice strategic communication for the purpose of creating social and policy change. Our tools include social media, web communications and videography, as well as data analytics and data-driven storytelling. Graduate students and faculty are part of a campus network connected to a variety of labs and projects. The program connects with many Boston-area nonprofit and governmental organizations to help with media capacity, and graduate students often serve as research assistants with relevant projects across campus that want strategic media help.

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