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Social Change @ Northeastern

The Burnes Center builds on the many social impact projects taking place across Northeastern’s colleges and schools.

The Burnes Center is but one of many innovative and bold projects to promote social change and social justice across the University. We want to celebrate the broad range of social impact initiatives at Northeastern seeking to improve people’s lives.


The following is a partial list that will be regularly updated. If your work is not on this list already, we would love to include it. Please share your information by emailing us and we will be in touch with you.


Current Projects: Social Change @ Northeastern

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  • Center for Communication, Media Innovation and Social Change

    Associate Prof. Meredith Clark

    New center looking at the intersection of media and communication with race, gender, power and media advocacy/social activism.

  • Center for Emerging Markets

    Ravi Ramamurti

    The Center for Emerging Markets, founded in 2007, is a leading research hub on issues facing private and public organizations in emerging economies. It is guided by a distinguished external advisory board and has over 60 faculty fellows from across Northeastern University. Dedicated to better understanding how organizations can leverage emerging markets to create and exploit global competitive advantage, the center is hard at work disseminating best practices to managers, policy makers, students, and academic peers.

  • Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research

    Gary Young

    The Northeastern University Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research was created to foster interdisciplinary research and education pertaining to health policy and health care delivery. The Center’s faculty consists of outstanding scholars who represent a range of disciplines including business, pharmacy, economics, engineering, law, information science, and organizational behavior. The Center frequently collaborates with health plans, hospitals, physician organizations and other provider organizations within private industry to conduct innovative research studies that can promote the quality, efficiency and accessibility of health care services. The Center is also a forum for developing educational programs at Northeastern University that offer training to individuals who wish to assume leadership positions in the healthcare industry. In addition, the Center offers executive education and training to health care organizations.

  • Center for Health Policy and Law

    Wendy Parmet

    At Northeastern University School of Law, we focus on health law through a dynamic, interdisciplinary approach that integrates a wide variety of practical and research interests. Our Center for Health Policy and Law provides a rich context for students and researchers interested in public health law, health and human rights, health governance, health care financing, drug law, intellectual property, bioethics, health care delivery law and the regulation of our health care systems. It is guided by faculty with diverse areas of expertise and is affiliated with an array of university-wide institutes, programs and experiential learning opportunities.

  • Center for Inclusive Computing

    Carla Brodley

    The Center for Inclusive Computing, founded in 2019 at Northeastern’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences, awards funding to colleges and universities to scale best practices that increase the representation of women in undergraduate computing.

  • Center for International Affairs and World Cultures

    Amilcar Barreto

    The Center for International Affairs and World Cultures (CIAWC) supports faculty and student scholarship that can add insight into some of the major global challenges of our time. Through our global ideas lab, global spotlight projects, crisis speaker series, book launch program, student projects, and workshops, CIAWC hopes to highlight the ways that international cooperation, empathy, and mutual understanding have and can continue to contribute solutions to international problems. CIAWC bridges theory and practice in the humanities and social sciences to deepen policy-oriented expertise and encourage global public engagement. 

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